I recently purchased the above item from Amazon and I cannot get it to play.  I have tried the car radio, the tv, the computer, and cd players.

Please advise.

Jane W


Pardon if this is a little long,
  but I want to cover as much ground as possible.

The Files on our CD's are in "MP3 format". They are the same files that are used on Ipods, your Smart Phone, and of course on almost all Computers be it a "PC or a MAC".  However, even though the CD "looks like" something you would put in a Car CD player or a "Portable" CD player, they would not "play", UNLESS the Unit you use is "MP3 Compatible".

If you know how to look at the files on a CD, you will see there are about 100 "MP3" files. Just use your mouse and double click on one of them and 90% of the time they will start playing on our computer. IF NOT, A PopUP might ask you what program to use. You can use Microsoft's Windows Media Player which comes standard with Windows.  If not, either you need to install a "MP3 PLAYER software", or find out what "program" already installed on your computer will play MP3's.

Ask your kids, they will know <GGGG>

IF you do not know how to look at the files on the CD,
  RIGHT click the mouse on your Windows START (Lower left) and then choose "EXPLORER".  That will display all the drives on your computer, and one of them will be named as a "CD/DVD ROM" or something similar
 Just click on that drive, and the files should be displayed, and can be looked at.

Also on your CD is a file "00000-readme1st.txt"
  which explains how to use the MP3's

There is also a PLAYER Program included with the CD you bought.
 I checked to be sure it was there.  It is called
It is located in a sub-folder on the CD titled
       "000-Audio Players&Editors-InstallationPrograms"

Install this program and then your computer should then automatically play the MP3's whenever you double click on one.

You can ALSO copy any of the MP3 files to another device such as an IPOD, your SMART PHONE, or to a "Thumb drive". Many newer car stereo units have a USB socket, so, the thumb drive will plug right into that and most times start playing the MP3's. The Stereo might even have a "menu screen" for when you plug in the Thumbdrive <G>

FYI - ALL of the MP3 files on your cd will easily fit on virtually any thumb drive. You can get a thumb drive at WalMart or BestBuy for around $5.00-10.00.

I will be happy to answer any other questions you have, and also help you get started playing the OTR Programs

Best regards



Jim Springer   <()>