Your advice worked. I found a resource conflict.

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I think your best option is to install the software on a different
computer. Then once you see it is working on that computer, you can figure
what is causing it to do this. Normally it will be a resources issue...
where other programs are running prior to starting SCL. Using
"CTRL+ALT+DEL" will permit you to find other program that are running and
disable them. Each time you disable one, then try to start SCL and see if
same problem. Eventually you should find the one that is causing the

Since it "used to work", and now does not, (that) indicates something has
changed with your computer's environment. Software doesn't just wear out or
"break" <GG> so it has to be something you've added to that computer since
the last time your ran SCL.

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>Thanks for sending me the download link. I completely uninstalled my
>former version and then downloaded and installed the one you sent me.
>Unfortunately the problem continues. On one attempt I clicked program
>radio while unplugged and managed to open the database. I plugged in the
>radio and then I setup the radio from within the database screen and then
>attempted to load my radio. There was no indication on my radio screen
>that anything was happening (just said wired ). The database did scroll
>through all of the banks, but didn t list my frequencies correctly. I
>saved the file and then shut down the program. All subsequent attempts to
>run ScanCat end with the same result described below.
>Any ideas?