Save the web pages as HTML (not text)... the HTML will load right into Excel all formatted into columns. Then you can copy a column at a time and paste right into SCL.

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Yeah, I got them.  Thanks.  I reloaded both the driver and Scancat.  Now I see what I have to do.  I've surfed and it seems that if I want to get the frequencies in a format that will transfer,,,,, I will have to pay.  Or I can get PDF's and bit finger them in.  Am I readind the situation correct? I have not tried to save an HTML yet.  I ran out of beer before I got to that.

Thanks again,

Dave Glasener
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I figured you had the "Lite". I emailed you a few common solutions ... did you get that email?

Customer Name: David Glasener
Address-1: 306 S. Hambden St.
City: Chardon
State: Oh
Zip Code: 44024
Country: USA
Product In Use: Scancat-Lite
Radio In Use: PR)-84
Cable In Use: 20-047  Orange
Dealer: CAT
Comments: OOPS.  This is a correction to my last request.  I don't have Gold, I have  Lite.

Dave Glasener