See below this message for a link that takes you to our website where you can download the net framework installation program.
there are two installation files

There is also a text file with instructions on these files

But I've included it below

The way SCANCAT deals with the Mr. Scanner Database is illustrated in detail on our Video tutorial #4.  This method does not use the MSPSFSHARP.EXE search engine, but uses "out built in" search - which also places the search results directly into Scancat's database for a lot easier time of getting them into the radio <G>
        The Tutorials are located at
You Do Not use the "Mr. Scanner program (MSPSFSHARP.EXE), but instead follow the instructions in the video which By Passes the .netFramework issue

Once you see how this is done, you won't need to run the ".net" installation unless you ALSO wish to use the Mr Scanner MSPSFSHARP.EXE as a stand alone program.

Let me know if you have further questions. I'm here to help.

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I purchased a scancat-lite-plus combo cd includes mr scanner freq on 2/21/2013.  I believe I installed it correctly.
When I click on the mr scanner database icon-it has the following:
MSPSFSHARP.EXE-.net framework initialization error
To run this application, you first must install one of the following versions of the .net framework:v2.0.50727
contact your application publisher for instructions about obtaining the appropriate version of the .net framework.
======================  .net framework instructions ===============================

Below are the drivers for Access Jet 4.0 and .Net 4.0 Framework. 
Windows USED to include these on their Installation CD's,
 but starting with Vista, no longer include them.

Here are the instructions for installing the Access Drivers:


This is very simple.

 -- To install --
Download the appropriate file (above link).
        Windows XP is essentially 32 bit
        Windows Vista can be 32bit or 64 bit
        Windows 7 and WIndows 8 are 64 bit

Once Downloaded,
Then double-click the AccessDatabaseEngine.exe program file
 on your hard disk to start the setup program.

     Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation.