These are the 6 steps to exporting / importing a file into Scancat-Lite Pus from Mr Scanner Pub Safety (Combo CD)
1 - Search for a STATE and "county", and once there are frequencies displayed on the screen Choose EXPORT

2 - type in a "filename" with the extension "TXT" instead of the "NFF"

3 - 2 - type in a "filename" with the extension "NFF"

4 - go to Scancat-Lite and in the database area choose
        FILES > Load File > Source File > Load Natcomm.....

5 - The DEFAULT extension / File Mask is "*.TXT"
     You can change it to "*NFF"
     depending on how you save the file when in Mr Scanner

6 - This will then open up a "top database", and you can highlight
     the frequencies you want and "copy" them to the lower grid
     Notice the three highlighted are now in lower database (too)

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