I'm trying to figure out if you also have our "Scancat-Lite-Plus" software, but can't seem to find any record of your purchasing Scancat (or) the Mr Scanner Cd. It "could be" you bought this through a dealer such as Hobby Radio

Our SCANCAT software has a built in feature for reading the CD
 - with no problems.

The Mr. Scanner "search engine" DOES have a problem with 64 bit Windows, but I think they have a "fix" - so depending on where you bought this,
        Call 1-937-299-7226 (The people that make the MrScanner CD)
If you have our Scancat software, then go to this link and watch Video #4 on how to use the Mr Scanner CD from "within" our software... and bypassing their search engine by using "ours".

If you have other needs for assistance, let me know


I am running Windows 7 64 bit mode and after installing Mr Scanner 2010 and trying to do a search on city and state, I get the attached error message and nothing works. I have also tried other searches and a Texas database extract and nothing works. I would appreciate some help. Thank you, Jeff