The PRO-97 and the PRO2055 are identical inside... so you can clone either one to the other using a plain monaural audio cable with 1/8 mono plugs.

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Beyond the Basics cloning the programmed data

You can transfer the programmed data to and from another
PRO-97 scanner using an optional connecting cable with
1/8-inch (3.5 mm) phone plugs on both ends (not supplied, available at your local RadioShack store).

“CLONE MODE” Incorrect Model appears if the scanner
receives data from another scanner other than a PRO-97.
Follow these steps to clone the data.

1. Turn on both scanners.

2. Connect the connecting cable to each scanner’s PC/IF
jack. **CLONE MODE** Press UP to send Remove cable to exit. appears.

3. Press e. Con. rm to send data? 1 -> YES Press other key for NO. appears.

4. Press 1 to send the data to the other unit or press any other key to cancel the operation. The scanner sends the data. To exit the clone mode, remove the cable.

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