Problem one:
I'm not sure what "show stopper" means, but I don't normally run multiple applications at the same time. I would suggest you only use "Magic", and then close it down before using Scancat. The Magic "Does" consume a lot of memory (RAM) and unless it is closed, that may not leave enough for Scancat to run.

Problem #4 - #5:
I've tested this and it always works for me - every time - so it seems there is a small misunderstanding on how this works.


1 - Start Magic for Windows
2 - Choose the "Convert" button
3 - FIRST THING - at top menu pick the TARGET FILE TYPE
        For this exercise, choose "FRQ"
        If you do not, this can cause it to "not want to convert"

4 - At BOTTOM, click button for "Source" file
    Find something that ends with "TXT" extendion
5 - Click on "target" and create a unique file name
        For this exercise use "test123" (NO extension needed)


IF after you have created a (Example "TEST123.FRQ" file) you start using the below buttons such as "View source" or "View Target", --- yes -- that can reset the top window's title to indicate both source and target have same name,
Usually, Clicking on VIEW SOURCE button will "reset" that and besides, you have already successfully created the target file. <G.

I have successfully created the file I wanted 2-3 times now since we began talking, and each time it works "first time like a charm".


Ihave hadthe followingproblem with magic 2.3 which is a showstopper;preventing me fom using SCGW with my bc 796d scanner...heres what happens, step-by-step:
1.start magic
2.select a source file e.g. "abc.txt"...ok...title  bar.shows abc.txt as source file with '''as target file
3. select a target file, file type, FRQ e.g. testx.FRQ...OK the title bar now shows testx.FRQas both source and target files...
5. magic refuses to run because of #3, above.....
thanks in advance