We do support the PRO-93 in our Scancat-Lite-Plus (SCL)
We only support Windows on a "PC". We do not support "Mac" or the Virtual PC. If the demo works, then possibly the full version will too, but if you purchase it and have issues with connecting to the radio or things that do not function properly, we cannot solve these issues and you would be "more or less" on your own in resolving them.  USB issues on a MAC (The 20-047 Radio Shack Cable) are on the top of the list and difficult to solve.  Basically we have no knowledge on MAC architecture, and even on PC's the 20-047 cable problems can be hard to solve.

This answer may seem somewhat "cold", but I'd rather be straight forward about this up front, as we do not offer a refund on software.

SCL is only $29.95, so the gamble or risk is not that much.

Our demo is located at www.scancat.com/demos
It will READ the radio's contents but will not Program the radio in DEMO mode.

More Information is at www.scancat.com/scl

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I have a Radio Shack Pro-93 scanner. I run virtual pc on a powerbook g4.

Does your program work on virtual PC? I realize the application will 
come up, but the trouble is assigning the USB port (I have a 20-047 
cable) so that the scanner application will recognize it. Most 
applications I have seen want to assign a com port but the 20-047 
cable I have not found a way to assign that to the com port.

So the critical issue is how do you handle the ports on virtual PC 
with a mac to communicate with the scanner.


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