Sorry, we do not support "Macs". It's a market decision that was made many years ago,
and we simply don't have the resources to start producing "two" products,
one for each, PC and Mac.

You can try our Scancat-Lite-Plus,

which in many cases "will" run on a Mac if you use Windows emulation software.
But the drivers for the cables are only for PC's and most times they don't work.
So "our" software and subsequent connections are dependent on that for our products to function.
And, this is beyond our level of support (or) ability to give technical assistance.

Please be Aware - software is not returnable for credit.

You can download our Demo and possibly determine if it will work.

Best regards


From:   charles savage
Email:  chisavage@gmail.com


I am looking for software for a pro 106 that will work with a mac.  is this
something you can help me with?


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From:   charles