I might (also) suggest that if the loading to and from radio is REALLLY slow, you should look into reinstalling the Driver for the 20-047 Cable... Or ... Find out if something else is running in the background that could be slowing it down.  Norton Anti-Virus, and ADware programs are notorious for this. Pressing CTRL + ALT + DEL  and then looking at the "task/procedures" will usually let you fine tune what's running and deal with it.

Below is the result of your feedback form. 
Customer Name: Derek
Country: USA
Product In Use: scancat lite
Radio In Use: Pro-97
Cable In Use: 20-047,   usb orange w adapter
Dealer: C.A.T

Comments: Will not upload data from radio, radio indicates it is in clone mode and asks for up arrow and press 1,  will not process
download time is about 1 hour for about 60 entries.
Is this normal? if not, how do I fix it?
Comments: After reading the online help pages, I believe I have fixed the problem by changing the comm port to the highest avail.