Here is a work around for the IE 7 "Bug" that affects JAVA mouse clicks when using our Scancat-Lite-Plus built in browser(SCL)

From the Database screen in SCL:

- Go to the upper menu, and choose under  "Freq Searches
        > OnLine Freq Search
- Once you get there look down on the very bottom of the
  "Freq Search Options" pulldown menu
- There you will see an option "Show Text Parser Utility"
        click it


USING YOUR Internet Explorer Browser (Not the one in SCL)

Go over to the page you want to Capture in Radio Reference
Once you are on that page
        Press CTRL + "A"  {which SELECTS the entire page}
        Then Press CTRL + "C"
          which captures everything selected on page
          into the windows clipboard)

Then go back to the "text Parser utility"
Click your mouse inside the aqua blue text area to "set the cursor".

Now, You can paste the "Copied" RR page directly into the light bluish Text box and from there on, just use the buttons like in our video. It will work identically as if you had captured the text from inside SCL

If you version does not have the "Show Text Parser Utility" option, let me know and we'll get it to you.

FYI - You can download IE6 from "our" website at this link.