I am presuming you have a RSD file from the frequencies in the PRO-96

If so, then here is what you would do

1 - Connect the BC396

2 - Go to tools / Create Backup Clone file
     backup your radio in case you need to restore it.

3 - Click on "radio systems" (May say COnnect to radio)
    When it is finished reading the entire radio
    Go to FILES 
          >  Save File
                > Personal Database
     save these systems etc as "OrigianalBC396.rsd"

4 - There are three buttons above the white "Systems List box"
     a - RIGHT CLICK your mouse on "delete systems"
     b - It will ask you if you want to delete all the systems
     c - Click yes and wait until the radio shows it is "empty".

5 - Load the RSD file from your PRO96

6 - Change to system 1 tab
7 - click the button that says "create (new) system"

8 - when it is finished, click YES to the popup prompt box

9 - Go to tab / system 2

10 - click the button that says "create (new) system"

Repeat steps 8 and 9 each time going to a new "tab" system

        tab 3-4-5-6 etc
IN about 5 minutes you will now have those 10 systems from your PRO-96 loaded into the BC396

11 - click on "Systems in Radio" and let the database be updated with what is now in the radio

If you want to load any OTHER RSD files, even the one from the original BC396 just repeat the above steps and in minutes the BC396 will be loaded with anything you want to add to it.

Best regards

Jim Springer

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