============ incorrect model answers ==============
It could be a bad cable. OR, if you have other programs running in the background, they can interfere with the data going to the radio. ANY disruption, even one missed character can cause something like this. The radio's firmware has some "error protection" and when it sees data that is not as expected, the "Incorrect model" displays on the screen.

IF you have placed a new frequency into the database that is "illegal" or "Out of band", this can cause the same error message. Something as simple as forgetting to put in a decimal point (IE: 8662125 instead of 866.2125)

=========== garbled data answers =============================
This happens occasionally - where all the data is garbled. Here are some of the "usual answers", and most times these suggestions fix it.

Disable any Virus programs that are running in the background. This is the single most common reason for garbled data.

In the database screen area, go to:
        FILE > Settings for radio
          Adjust the timing slider to 1/2 scale (or even 3/4)
            (It's on bottom of that window)
          And, make sure the XP Switch is "checked"

If you are using a USB to RS232 Adaptor, many times the driver is at fault, and windows may have placed a "generic" driver in the system instead of the one made specifically for that device. Go to the Adaptor's OEM website and get the latest driver.

Normally this is a hardware related issue. So if you have more than one computer that you can place our software on, I'd suggest trying it on the 2nd computer. Most times this will solve the issues and also let you determine just what is causing the problem on the other computer.

- The Proper cable is a 20-289 (Off White in color).
- The Radio does not go into clone mode until you select in the software to load the radio. IF it DOES, that would indicate something else using the port and that could also be the cause of your problems.

Click on HELP > About and then tell me what the "Last Update" date is. We are unaware of any issues with the software or we would have many many calls about something like this. But This is a known issue but rarely comes up.

Best regards

Jim Springer

I received my copy of ScanCat-Lite-Plus yesterday and was able to download the channel configuration of my Radio Shack Pro-95 without problem.  I did some editing and added some new channels and tried an upload.  The result was the clearing of my Pro-95 and an "Clone Mode Incorrect Model" error.  The Pro-95 manual says that this is when the scanner recieves data from another scanner other than a Pro-95.  What can I do to correct this problem?
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