Our Scancat-Gold software supports the ICOM R-7000 and a number of other Icom Receivers. However the IC-7000 (Mobile rig) is not supported due to Icom's policy of not providing 3rd Party software developers the protocol for the memory programming.

We do not seem to receive ANY cooperation from Icom (USA). The scanning portions of the radio (computer control) are possible, but the memories are only programmable via a "cloning" method.  The R-2, R-3 and PCR-1500 and PCR-2500 also use this method, and while we have time and time again approached Icom - they have steadfastly refused to supply the protocol to do this, even within their "licensing" structure.

Most of the ICOM mini-handhelds (IC-W32, R-2, R3, R20 etc) are only "memory programmable" - not completely scanning controllable such as the R-10 or R8500.  The same is true for their newer PCR1500 and PCR2500 Black Box Radios.  Icom uses a different protocol than their conventional "CI-V" format such as used on the R-10 R8500 etc.  Icom has steadily resisted providing any third party software developer with the protocol for these rigs. They DO have a licensing agreement, which we signed along with their "NDA" (Non Disclosure Agreement) ... but to date Icom will not provide the protocol for these types of radios. Hence the licensing option has been basically useless.

Without the entire protocol to program the memories, what little support we can do with the CI-V portion is not enough, and our software would be seriously "crippled". 

This is what Icom said the last time we asked:

>Hi there,
>Sorry, the owners manual is all of the CI-V commands available
>for these radios. We can not release the programming protocol.
>I have provided what information is available. I consulted the
>division manager before our original e-mail and they are not
>able to release the programming protocol, sorry.

The only thing we can suggest is for you to write Icom and ask them why they have taken this market approach. We would be more than willing to work with Icom if they would work with us.