If it works with the other software, then you use THAT to see what it is set for, including the BAUD RATE.

In Scancat- The radio choice of IC7000 is "fixed" at what ever ICOM uses as their default Address.  This is set to HEX 8 which is also DECIMAL 8. If your radio has never been opened up, it's a 99 % chance HEX 8 is what it is set for. There are some DIP switches inside a small metal enclosed box. I think you remove the bottom lid to get to that.

There ARE 3 programmable slots for Icoms with different VIV addresses, so if the radio IS set for something else, that will work the same way.

F Y I - DEFAULT Baud on these radios is 1200 from ICOM, so if you want a higher speed, that would require opening the radio up and changing the dip-switches.

AND - IF the baud is different, that would be a sure sign someone has opened it up and changed the defaults.... and possible changed the CIV address too.


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Customer Name: LARRY
State: AL
Zip Code: 1
Product In Use: scancat gold
Radio In Use: ICOM R7000
Dealer: EBAY
Comments: I have been unable to setup the Icom to use Scancat so far.  The civ unit that interfaces says the address for the radio is "08".  I do not see any place on the setup screen to put in the address.  Can you offer any help.  The radio does work with the Deluxe radio software.  It does have place on their setup to change the radio address.  Thank you.  I really want to use Scancat with this radio.

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