This is also in our addendum for the Home Patrol which is supplied with our software. You can download a copy at this link

Step 1 - First create a RSD FILE. You have basically 10 banks in first "view" or a total of 20 all together. Keep it simple and only use the first ten

Step 2 - Go to Load Read radio and pick the "Convert RSD file to Home Patrol"

Step 3 - WHEN you get to the location for the favorites, just TYPE IN A NAME
                AND THEN HIT "SAVE"

Scancat will save the file as a "Favorite_List00014 (number as an example)
To the HP and when you unhook it and go to the MENU and the FAVORITES, you'll see the "MY CB CHANNELS" as one of the "lists"

It's really just as simple as that.

But, read the entire 9-10 pages of the addendum and follow along (on how we show you how to do it).  I KNOW no one reads these manuals until nothing else works..... but what can I say <GGGG>

We are creating a video, but it'll be a few days before it's finished.
THEN the Video Tutorial will be on our website (using Utube to show it)

Jim Springer