Here are the instructions on how to send me a file that is the "eeprom image" from the radio

Go to TOOLS on the top menu (in database screen area)
Click on the "empty" selection at the very bottom
The TOp title bar will eventually change to say
       "REV # Last update etc..."
This indicates that you are now in a "test mode".
- Go to "Load/Read Radio" menu option
- Use the "Read Entire Radio" option
    Once it is finished, (takes about 30 seconds or less)
Go to the
       "c:\Program Files\Scancat-Lite-Plus\GRE_Clone" folder
 and find the "clone files"
They should be named something like....
They will have a time/date stamp of when you just did the 'read'.
Send BOTH files to me at this email address.

       Jim Springer <>

I can use those files (just like having YOUR radio) to try and determine what we may be 'wrong'. I am not of the opinion that it is a "software" issue , but  if it "is", I'm sure we can come up with a solution.