In case you'tr interezted - Here's a bit of ''history'' on GRE

GRE was the exclusive OEM for RadioShack. They're a Chinese company with a "attitude" to match.
They were always extremely difficult to "communicate" with. This stems back to the
early models they made for RS, such as the PRO-93/94/95/96'S.  Up to then most of the
protocol was documented with enough to create working software. HOWEVER... The
Protocol they provided for the PRO-106/197, was simply undocumented "script code". The
script resembled 'C++", but without what programmers call "commented code", it was a
 maze of calls and procedures, each of which had to be interpreted, and in our case
translated unto "our" VB code.

So I had to hire a "C programmer" to convert the GRE code.

Some things didn't work, and we would try to contact GRE. They refused to communicate
directly, but instead would only work with us via Radioshack as an intermediary. This
two tiered level of correspondence took weeks to get responses. MANY questions went
totally unanswered, other than stating "it's all in the doc we provided". "When" we
got anything from GRE, it reeked of arrogance, and a distinct air of un-

Consequentially there are a couple of issues we have never been able to resolve satisfactorily

1 -----
If you put more than one "conventional" system in two sequential banks there is no
documented "terminator" that we know of to determine where one conventional system
ends and the next begins. The ONLY way we know to make this work is to stagger 1 conv.
and the 1 trunking, and then a second conv. and then another trunk and etc. The conv
"type identifier" is different than trunking and tgids, so that difference enables our
 ability to know where each one starts. not very scientific, but it works.  :)

2 -----
TGIDS do not display "properly" on the radios LCD. They ARE programmed correctly, and
function properly, and even READ BACK properly.... but they all display as 8 digit
 numbers on the radio.  Repeated requests to GRE for help about this have simply gone

4-5 years ago, GRE went belly up, and a couple of years ago Whistler bought all the
 manufacturing (and) engineers, (and) all intellectual rights. NOTHING has changed -
The "GRE" still has the same attitude, and in fact is 300% worse. The last 3
generations of their scanners are totally "proprietary". If the unit uses a SD Card,
   their units are encrypted in such a way as to lock out any and all 3rd party
 software development AND the use of the database on the SD card.

It's a bitter pill to swallow, and one can not help but harbor a resentment.

Best Regards   

Jim Springer   <()>