The Gibberish has been an issue, but only occasionally. We recently found the reason for it.

The data from the radio is sent as a block of "memory". It is encrypted with a "key", so if even ONE character is missing (or out of sequence), that skews then entire process.

NORMALLY, if just repeat the process of "Reading the Radio", but don't turn it off or plug/unplug the cable, the 2nd and 3rd etc reads will work fine.
        What is happening is....
When ANY thing is plugged into the PC\IF socket, that causes "static" - which the radio STORES as "real" data. Then when we try to read the radio, all that "stuff" is dumped along with the REAL data. We're working on a fix - but need a bit more time to make sure it works for all the radios. 

FYI - If you get gibberish characters.... do not Plug/Unplug the cable, or TURN OFF the radio.... this just repeats the process and then you will get the gibberished data.

Give me a direct email in about a week, and If I have it, I'll send you a newer revision.


i have a pro 95 and purchased lite plus to drop and drag program
using a serial port cable but a while ago when i tried to just read
the freqs that i had it cleared the memory and when i redid all few
hundred and tried it again i never got a read only a bunch of gibberish
on the excell looking spread sheet
what did i do wrong as i am reluctant to
try again and to have the memory cleared is not worth it
help please
I am a long time scanner but am a novice in comp aided tech '


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