Hello, I recently purchased scancat lite for windows in order to program my RS Pro-94. After reading (and re-reading) the help section, I must say that, I have no idea what I'm supposed to do in order to program this scanner. Is there a tutorial that I missed? Or can you give me a "layman's" (read:

In the c:\Program File\Scancat-Lite-Plus folder
there is a 6 part Turtorial titled "Mr Scanner tutorials...."

Also read below...

idiot's guide) explanation of how to do this?
It would really be great if you could help.
Ed Shoemaker


First I presume you have installed Scancat-Lite-Plus
And I see you have the Mr.Scanner Pub Safety CD/Combo Package

- Put in the CD
- At the menu choose the first Option to search the database
- At Top menu, pick a search - Search for a City
        Once the results are on the screen
- at top menu pick "Export"
   Save the file to THIS folder (if that is where your scancat was installed)
        c:\Program File\Scancat-Lite-Plus
- pretend the file you save is called "Test.NFF"

- Start up Scancat-Lite-
        () Choose the radio at "Select Radio" on splash screen menu
                >  Pick Radio and the commport
                > If you don't know port number choose one
                > If it doesn't work you will have to pick "next one"
                        if radio doesn't react when you program it.
                        and so on until you find correct one.           
        () Then Choose "Program Radio"
        () Go to top menu bar -         
                > Choose FILES
                    > Load File
                        > Load SOURCE file (Nff file)
        () White database will open on top
        () Select records that you want to "use"
        () Select MENU bar's COPY
                > Paste Frequencies to Lower Database

Once you have a "grid" populated, you can move to any of the others (ten), and do the same thing.

- Then Go to TOP Menu, "Load/Read Radio"        
- Choose LOAD Selected Bank
- It should send the data to the radio
        If not - pick a different port, eventually it will work
       once you have the correct comm port.
Go to Here
There is a folder for MrScanner Tutorials
There are Six topics that cover almost all of this in greater detail
These same topics are also on your hard drive in a folder inside
                        c:\Program File\Scancat-Lite-Plus

And, IN the webbased help is a LOT of things that customers ask and we answer
        Look at the Assorted FAQ

It's all there, just browse until you find what you need.

If You're still having problems, just email me with a "problem" at a time and I can see if I can get you going.

Best regards


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