Discs are not working?  ALL of them?  Highly unusual that all three would not work. Have you tried another computer? Maybe at work?  If the Postal people somehow zapped them, we will immediately replace them, and can Send you links for the software.

However, I think it's mainly learning how to use the product(S) that you purchased.

This is what I see you bought:

>Item no.  Item                            Quantity        Price   Item total
>11092>    ScL/MrScnr/RSD/ADV Pkg  CD-RO   1                54.95       54.95

So you have what you need, just don't know how to use it.

FIRST, go to the below links, as we already have a number of FAQ's that are there because this is a common problem.

Then if you still don't understand all of it, I can answer the "un"answered questions.

As to the CT frequencies, there ARE starter files on the $10.00 CD you received. If you can't locate your county, I can email you a link (but need to know your county/state to send you the correct link. But MAINLY for more details coverage you want to use the Mr. Scanner CD (Police car on Jewel case label)

THIS is actually a link to 4-5 PARTS that step you through the process of loading MR. Scanner, getting frequencies off it and into SCL

This is a "getting started" that also details MR Scanner and programming.

I presume you CAN connect to the radio, but just in case, this should get you connected to the radio if having problems on that end.

This is the MAIN FAQ link, Lots of other issues covered here as well

Below is the result of your feedback form.  It was submitted by
 (rbpkc66@juno.com) on Sunday, November 26, 2006 at 22:44:45
Customer Name: Reg
Product In Use: windows xp
Radio In Use: radio shack pro 96
Cable In Use: grey
Dealer: radio shack

Comments: I purchased my trunking radio shack scanner two weeks ago and was directed to your web sight by the store. I in turn purchased the scan lite and two other discs to program my scanner with Connecticut freq. BUT I have been UNABLE to program my scanner becausde I am unable to download any CT. freq. All that I have gotten are Texas freq which are useless to me. I NEED the CT freq. I am a cop in CT and this was to be  put into my cruiser two weeks ago BUT now it just sits on my desk empty. I was told that you could send me the down loads that I am in need of. Please tell me what I need to do to get these down loads since the discs that you sent are not working. I am not sure if they are not compatable with the computer or scanner or what happened BUT  this is crazy. I spent a lot of money for the scanner and discs to make sure that I could use this in the car to hear if anyone was in need of assistance, etc BUT I can not do a thing with it. If I need to return the discs in order to get the download from you please let me know and I will send them back tommorrow. Thank you very much for your help in this matter. I have a Radio Shack Pro 96.