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I'll try to help you, and if it's just too daunting, you can then return it. We KNOW the software works, and most times the main problem with customer complaints is not the fault of the "software" as much as it is getting "connected" to the radio from the PC. 80% of our "don't work calls" are due to the "Connection not getting connected".

We don't sell the USB device, but end up having to support "it", when the "MFG" really should have put in more documentation on it's use... and installation, but didn't.
        So what can you do..... ????


Ok. Before I send it back maybe you could help me figure it out. Under your Faq I don't see anything for the pro 2051. I'm using the 20-047 USB cable


Read these FAQs, it goes into detail on how to install the USB device, what drivers it needs and where they are, and then how to use SCL to determine what "serial port" is now installed by the USB device drivers.

YOU MAY HAVE TO UNISTALL THE USB DRIVER FIRST, AND START THIS ALL OVER. Windows can install a driver IT uses, but unless the one on the CD that came with the RS USB cable is used 75% of the time it willlll notttt work.

when I try to read entire Pro-2051 the radio doesn't have clone or sending data I noticed the software has "Oreading problem encounted" at the top.

>>>>>>>>>>>  This indicates you are not using the correct comm port/serial port.

 - UNPLUG the cable from the USB port on the computer.
 - GO TO the SELECT RADIO menu
 - LOOK AT the bluish box at top right
 - Write down what ports we say are available.
 - THEN PLUG IN the CABLE again.
 - CLICK the "Detect Valid COMM PORTS button"

 - IF the USB is installed correctly, there should NOW
    be a new port # on the bluish panel. THAT one is probably
    the port number for the USB and the one you then pick in
    the Comm port selection menu.

 - THEN - go to PROGRAM radio and try to READ what is in the radio.
   Watch inside the ORANGE case of the USB. Red and Green LEDS should
   constantly flash while all this is processing.
   The radio will "clock" up on the LCD, counting the number of
   pieces of data sent and received.
      IF NOT, then you are not on the correct comm port.

I tried several com port & speed still same problem. Also can you tell me more about the CD's? What the Nat-com do? and how's does it work with the Mr scanner 2006. If I could understand the steps maybe I could get this to work.

  ONCE you get connected, then I'll go into the Mr.scanner stuff.