================= Basic Information Scancat-Lite-Plus ===================

                                       N E W    Starting With Version 1.7.1 

               We now include a FREE Radio Reference Frequency Manager

                     which permits FREE access to their entire frequency database





Scancat-Lite-Plus (SCL) supports most Radio Shack and Uniden "Police" Scanners. And.... All Scanners are supported within the one program. BECAUSE all radios are supported in one single program, you do not need to purchase separate software for each of your scanners. For the price of a "Single Radio" program you can have ALL of them supported.

Uniden usually supplies the cables in the box with the radio. If you have a Radio Shack Scanner, the cable is only available from Radio Shack, and here is a link to RS, showing what cable to buy and a description.

Complete Info for our Scancat-Lite-Plus is at:

The Basic Software ($29.95) does not come with a complete frequency database, so....
We sell the Mr Scanner  frequency database On CD ($29.95) if you need frequency info:

Single State Databases are now available for $9.95 with purchase of software

A package of both SCL Software and the Frequency CD is At:
It only costs $49.95, so you save $10.00 by buying it all at the same time. (And), you also get a collection of "bonus" frequency files, such as used in our video tutorials.

We have several Utube videos so that you can learn how to program your scanner with our products.


IF you prefer to purchase an ONLINE Database, The best deal there is on that kind of access is to subscribe to the "Free Pass". It's a 6 issue one year subscription to National Communications Magazine, coupled to a years free access to all their frequency information "on line" at their website.

This is a FREE sample of what is available - - www.scancat.com/free
The Free Pass is "everything" the FCC publishes, not just a smattering of cities like the free site link.

You can order any or all of these products  on line at our website:

If you have other questions about our Scancat Products, we are open at 9am to 3pm Central for phone calls, or email us at the reply to address of this message and we can usually help.

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