A number of customers have reported that when they use links in either Bearcat1's "free site" or on RadioReference, they links do not work.

It has taken us a while to figure this out, but we now know the reason, and if you follow the instructions below, it will fix these issues.

The problem is with Windows XP or Vista, and Internet Explorer
        IE Ver 7 has this problem
        IE Ver 6 Does not have this problem

If you "Google" for "IE7 JAVA" you will find a plethora of complaints from  users that have the same problem. 

1 - If you are willing, just un-install IE7 and then reinstall IE6.
    Yes, there is some functionality you will loose, but to date
    this is the only solution we know of.
    (If you use Firefox or some other browser it really doesn't matter)

2 - You can go to this link to download the IE6 installation program

We have personally tested that this works on one of our computers. It appears that when you UNinstall IE7, it is automatically replaced with IE6. But if it isn't, use the above link to download and reinstall IE6

Best regards

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