As to the text not fitting, it's the size of the fonts you are using.

Customers that have a high screen resolution, usually (also) have a larger
than normal monitor size (25" and up"). So they tend to run up the screen
resolution, which makes the text on the screen very small. So "then" they go
to the screen settings and boost up the "font size" to "large" to

However, THEN, the grids we use (especially in the database) do not have the
ability to "upsize" according to the font size, so that ends up cutting off the tops and bottoms.
It's a Damocles sword.

RIGHT CLICK on your desktop and go to
  "Properties" and then the "settings" tab.
Under "Advanced" you'll see where to set the fonts,
 so set it to 96 dpi for "normal" instead of the "Large 120 dpi"
It's not the "best" solution, but if you change the fonts to the standard
"96dpi", that will cure the problem.

>Hi Jim
>in the main program the row heights are not sufficient to show
>all the text in them?
>Running a 1680 x 1050 screen resolution.


Jim Springer   <()>