You can go to this website to see if they list your city/county.
By the end of this month, this page will be updated to a new spread sheet look, and when it is, SCL (Scancat-Lite-Plus) can read the frequencies right off the screen and put them into our databases

We sell a Mr.Scanner CD for $29.95. Since you are an owner of SCL, it only costs "you" $19.95 + S&H

Lastly, I'd also suggest to you to look for a Amateur Radio Club (Ham Club) in your local area. Most of them have websites now, and you can find contact information to email some of the members. Most Hams also use Police Scanners and probably have a list of the frequencies for your city/county.


Thanks Jim, I've not been involved with scanner monitoring for the past seven or eight years (since I retired from law enforcement); therefore, this trunked system has me "stumped" (no pun intended).  My scanner listening goes back to the days of the "SWAT" television series, which would open showing the flashing lights of a sixteen crystal Radio Shack police scanner (I still have the relic).  Since that time I have had several other scanners, but they only required getting a local frequency list and punching in the numbers.  I'm presently engaged in a part-time law enforcement related job in Wasatch County, which is located approximately 30 miles east of Provo, which is in Utah County.  The county seat of of Wasatch County is Heber City; however the Wasatch County SO dispatches for all law enforcement agencies in that county.  Any help you can give me will be appreciated.

Thanks again, Richard B.