I'd first UNinstall and Then REinstall the driver for your USB to Serial adaptor.  If you download this little utility from our website, it will help you find the comm ports


FYI - The Radio Shack 20-047 cable will not work - as it has the wrong 3 1/2 MM connections.  You can look at this FAQ if you are capable of soldering etc and maybe it can be adapted.


Below is the result of your tech support question.  It was submitted by
 (wright00@att.net) on Thursday, May 20, 2010 at 06:05:18
Customer Name: jeff
City: coral gables
State: fl
Zip_Code: 33134
Product_In_Use: scancat gold
Radio_In_Use: aor ar 8200
Cable In Use: cc-8200 w/usb=>serial
Dealer: C.A.T.

Comments: Have a new AR8200.  Installed Scancat Gold on an XP and a Win7 box.  Used USB-Serial adapters and CC-8200 cable.  Could not get scancat gold to communicate with Radio no matter what comm ports I selected.  radio appears configure OK.  Computers work with USB=>3.5mm audio adapter from radio shack.   Any thoughts/hints?
Will try on an XP machine tonight with true comm port (lucky i still have one).


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