The ability to be able to view what is on your computer's hard drive is (to me) an essential tool.  Windows has this built in - calling it EXPLORER.EXE. This is NOT Internet Explorer, but a viewing utility for looking at files and folders on your hard drive. It's a super way to organize your "stuff", and without it you are not getting all of what you can get out of windows.

ONE way to use EXPLORER.EXE is to simply
        1 - RIGHT CLICK on the START button Which is located
           at lower left of your computer screen
        2 - Choose "EXPLORE" and then EXPLORER.EXE runs.

The OTHER way is to create a shortcut Icon on your desktop.
This is a simple step by step instruction on how to do that

        1 - RIGHT CLICK on an empty spot on your DESKTOP
        2 - Choose NEW
            and then Choose SHORTCUT
        3 - Type into the input box "Explorer.exe"
        4 - Click NEXT
        5 - The same name of the shortcut will also be 
           so unless you want some other name - CLICK FINISHED

Now you have a shortcut icon that looks like a "Folder" with a Magnifying Glass inside the folder.  DOUBLE CLICK on it like any other shortcut

When EXPLORER runs, go to the top MENU bar and choose
          (then choose) DETAILS
This sets up the view in a "list of files and folders" and makes it extremely easy to navigate and move/edit/remove files and complete folders

Best regards

Jim Springer

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