Scancat-Lite-Plus is the programming software for scanners. It supports in one single program the ability to program over 50 different radios from over 4 manufacture's. Meaning ANY radio you have is supported and you don't have to buy another software for each radio you own.

The $29.95 priced auction contains the software and a "starter pack database" of over 4000 pre-made county files. These are called "RSD files, and while not "everything" you would want, they DO contain enough systems to get you started. In addition with using our $29.95 software you can access and acquire additional frequency information from two websites for FREE - the Bearcat Free Frequency Site, and Radio Reference's website

The $49.95 priced product gives you all of the above, and ALSO included on the CD are all of the frequency information that is contained on the Mr Scanner Public Safety "CD". This product contains ALL public Safety frequencies for the entire USA 50 States. Meaning for the $20.00 extra you also get the Mr Scanner Database. The main advantage of this is you do not need internet access to use the frequency information. Radio Reference (for example) requires you be connected to the internet.

Take a look at our website www.scancat.comfor a full explanation and even videos that show you how the product works.

video's are at www.scancat.com/youtubejim

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hi, I was just wondering if you could tell me the difference between your two Scancat programming Cds,
thanks for your time.