If you are trying to copy and paste frequencies into Scancat-Lite-Plus database grids and while the descriptions will copy the frequencies will NOT, then most likely the column in Excel is formatted incorrectly and contains Non-Numerical characters such as spaces.

If you have acquired your frequencies from Radio Reference, then this will happen a lot as they use "hidden" formatting characters, which Excel does not "show" but are there just the same.

SCL's frequency column will only accept the characters
        1234567890 (and) the decimal point.
If there are spaces or other characters such as "quote sign", it won't work.

In order to "Format" that column so that it will become "numerical only",
        1 - Click on the HEADER at the top of that column
            It will then highlight that entire column
        2 - RIGHT click on that column and choose to FOMAT CELLS
                Then pick " numerical " and set the "decimal"
               to be 5 places AFTER the decimal
Look at this screen shot and you should get the general idea.
I purposely chose a file that had " '' " quotes in the freq column to illustrate this common problem.


If it still doesn't work, then try copying (only as a test) the frequencies into the adjacent DESCRIPTION column. If they DO copy to that column this will prove that you have hidden characters in the frequency column that will not transfer into SCL's grid.

Once you get the EXCEL column formatter as Numreical (or try currency), then everything will copy/paste just fine.

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