Are you going to be working on the part of the program where you can copy from Excel to Scanlite, to allow you to transfer more than one listing at a time from excel to scanlite?

Maybe I don't understand the question, but we already do this. 
Here's a short explanation of how it is done.

*************PLEASE MAKE A NOTE********

Sometimes we get a call where the descriptions will "copy/paste", but the FREQUENCIES do not.  If this happens, make SURE you "Format" the EXCEL COLUMN as NUMERIC - If the column is formatted as "TEXT", and there are none numeric characters (even spaces), then SCANCAT's frequency column will not "take"

Load up an Excel Spread sheet -
Load up Scanct-Lite-Plus

Toggle over to  EXCEL (Use taskbar or ALT + TAB)

THEN just highlight multiple cells
And press CTRL + C (to copy them into the windows clipboard

The cells SHOULD be arranged in the same COLUMN sequence
as what Scancat-Lite uses
        IE: Column C Frequency 
            Column D Text description

THEN - go to Scancat-Lite and place your mouse on the FIRST CELL that you want to start the "paste".

Press CTRL + V  (paste)
They will all be pasted into the Scancat-Lite Program's grid.

You can ALSO use this identical procedure IN SCANCAT-Lite to move or cut or copy cells or multiple cells from one bank/location to another.

Couldn't be simpler.

Jim Springer

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