"Still Seeing" meaning you have an older version on your computer?  Best thing to do is go to your desktop, and delete ALL the Shortcut Icons first. THEN run the Setup_Scancat-Lite-Plus.exe again. Normally this will clear it up. It has something to do with windows caching programS for faster "bootup", kind of like the "type ahead" when you enter a URL in your browser.

I can send you another link or file, but I think this should fix it. Let me know if it doesn't.


Hey Jim,

I downloaded from the link and installed. When I kick off the program I am
still seeing 1.2.5 and the new RS radios are not listed. I thought maybe a
fresh start might be needed, so I decided to try to uninstall and reload but
a dialog box asked if I want to uninstall 1.3.1. So I stopped and figured I
would drop you a line and see what you think.

Don Smith

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