The product that we have for download is called a "Demo", not a "Trial Version".  As such it serves the purpose of "demonstrating" the product sufficiently to enable a prospective customer to evaluate if the software is suitable.

There are upsides and down sides to either method. But there is no perfect solution. We don't "hide" this fact, nor do we print a 'warning' in bold caps.  On the page where the demos are shown, we DO state that the demo will not upload to the scanner. I guess we should also add the fact that printing and saving files is also disabled, but those issues have rarely come up. We feel that most people understand how demos "work".

Unfortunately there is always a small number of people that download software, that do so with no intention of every purchasing it. Our software is a commercial product, sold by dealers and distributors, not a shareware or freeware product. So The Demo precludes that form of use.

Addressing your comment about "How many emails have you gotten of people that asked this question" - I'm not sure you will believe me, but the complaints such as yours are few and far between. I think this is the first one this year. Most people understand that a download of a demo (or) a trial version is not going to function quite the same as the purchased product.

On putting something like this on our FAQ page, (and the Demo page) is a good Idea, and I will do so (removing personal information first).

The "Uninstall" is the standard windows Uninstall, and usually there should be no remnants of the demo. But honestly I've never performed a hands on check to see if that is so - or not.

Perhaps "money IS over rated" these days, but $29.95 for a software product  is not a kings ransom either. We support our products, even have live phone in tech support. The Live support is unique to our software company, and to my knowledge that are no other competitors that can say they provide live support, and some don't provide support at all.

I'm sorry you feel the way you do, but I can also assure you that if you DO purchase our software you will find us very responsive to any issues you may encounter. That alone (to me) is usually worth the price.

As to the comment of:
"Money - it's so overrated these days, and usually the prime motivator
for unsavory activities...."

I'm not sure you meant to include "us" in that category, but I think the term "unsavory" is a bit over the top without having personal knowledge about a company. Most of us are just small individual companies trying to make an honest living the best we know how.

That said, we would really appreciate the opportunity to serve you should you desire to "take a chance" on our products and company.

Best regards

Jim Springer
Computer Aided Technologies
  - http://www.scancat.com -
  - http://www.scancat.com/youtube -

...NOT being able to save files or print in demo mode? It angers me
when companies do this - no mention as to why you can't save or print
- in any documentation - as if it were some highly classified info
that can't be disseminated unless the fee is paid. How many emails
have you gotten of people that asked this question which obviously
didn't make it to the FAQ page as did the other questions. Cut us some
slack and stop treating potential customers as morons. Just say "you
can't save or print in demo version due to intellectual copyright". If
you go to that much trouble to hide this fact, what kind of "secrets"
would I be paying for if I bought a registered version? And when I
uninstall it, do you really take EVERYTHING out that you put in? I
think not. A hash on the registry before an install and after an
uninstall tells all.
Money - it's so overrated these days, and usually the prime motivator
for unsavory activities....