How much RAM do you have installed in your computer. This "symptom" sounds like either you do not have (Example 512 MB) ram or you have a lot of other programs running at the same time. Once we go to the "Program Radio" option, we must open up a number of database grids, all of which consume memory. If there is far too little the entire database screen will not appear, or if on the "edge", then SOME of grids will appear but most will look like they are all running together etc.

First, Shut down any program you do not need, and if that doesn't resolve the issues, Let me know

We've also found lots of times a customer will buy an "On sale" computer, and the reason it is so low priced is there is only 128 or 256 MGB of Ram. Most applications in today's computer world really need 512 - 1 gig or ram installed to work well.

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I just bought the scancat lite plus for my pro-97 and can't get past the splash screen on my xp home edition version 2002 service pack 2. When I click on Program Radio the splash screen disappears and if you alt control del you can see the program running.  I tried the disc on another computer and it ran fine. But I boutght it to use on my new computer so what now?  

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