The Scancat-LITE grid comes from a "third party", and they don't permit the
normal right click cut/paste,
         So use these Keyboard combinations

         CTRL + V  PASTES

For this example place the cursor on the FIRST frequency in the FIRST bank
Just click it once to outline that cell (selected) - If you end up going
into edit, then the paste won't work.

Normally you
         1 - highlight multiple cells
         2 - Press CTRL C (copy)
         3 - Place cursor on THE cell to start with'
                 DO NOT click it "hard" as it can go into "edit"
                    this may be the problem
                  (EDIT looks sort of "dark blue)
                 You should just see the same color cell with the Outline
                 Then Press CTRL + V and it starts at that point
                 and pastes the multiple cells

IN addition, You can copy an entire bank at a time from one bank to another

        1 - Look on the top left of the grid.
            See this Screen shot:

           The FIRST or LEFTMOST column has "numbers" that start
           at "1" and go down.  There is an Empty or Blank Gray Cell
           just above the "1". When you click on that cell, the entire
           grid will be highlighted in a reddish color
`       2 - Once highlighted press CTRL and at the same time "C"
            this will copy the entire grid - everything - settings etc.
        3 - Go to a different bank and click on the same "top left cell"
            as in the one you just copied
        4 - PRESS CTRL + "V" - to paste the one you just copied into this
            grid. It "pastes" the entire bank into the one you just selected.
            See this Screen shot: