Use EXPLORER TO GO TO  c:\Program Files\Scancat-Lite-Plus 

To run explorer RIGHT CLICK ON  START - choose "Explore"

        Once you get there
        1 - find the file "Scancat-Lite-Plus.exe"
        2 - RIGHT CLICK on the file and choose "create shortcut"
        3 - Find the shortcut and RIGHT CLICK and choose "Cut"
        4 - Go to the desktop, find an "empty place"
           RIGHT CLICK and choose "Paste"

        5 - That should do it for the shortcut. <G>

hi Jim, I still have a few problems, i can run scanlight but there is no icon on the desktop,  and if you go to programs all that there is the uninstall program, i basically have too go to windows explorer and go down to c/programfiles/scalight then open it and click on the exe program.

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