1 - Since you are using the 20-047 cable, make certain the driver (and) comm port is properly installed and working. You can go to the Control Panel / System / Devices and look at what port was installed for the USB cable's serial port.

ONCE you are able to boot into SCL and get to the SELECT RADIO menu, then read this FAQ on finding the correct serial/comm port in SCL

2  - It is possible the config file we use has been corrupted.

First shut down SCL, make sure it is not running in the task manager.

Then if you navigate to the application folder
     (default is c:\Program Files\Scancat-Lite-Plus),
you will find the config file.  "SCconfig.cfg" 

Rename it to something like SCconfig-bak.cfg

Restart SCL. Normally this will clear any "problems" encountered and let it boot up. Most default settings for the other radios will be "lost", but at least you'll have a way of getting up and running.

ALSO you can download the original default Config file at this URL


Let me know if this solves the issues.


Below is the result of your feedback form.
Customer Name: Tim
City: Peekskill
State: NY
Zip Code: 10566
Country: USA
Product In Use: Scancat-Lite-Plus
Radio In Use: Radio Shack PRO-528
Cable In Use: 20-047 orange interface/gray c
Dealer: CAT
Comments: When I click on the desktop icon, my system freezes.  The program doesn't open for more than a second.  It appears it defaults to COMM port 1 which is the mouse port.  I am unable to select COMM Port 5 as it crashes quickly.  My system is as follows:  Microsoft windows XP, Home Edition, Service Pack 2, Pentium(R) 4 CPU, 3.000 GHz, 512 MB RAM