.99 GIG should be enough, however a lot of "work computers" also are running the company's software "underneath", and that can consume resources.

Press CTRL + ALT + DEL, (all at same time and only once)

There will be a number of "tabs"., and click on the one for Performance.
It will give you a good snapshot of what resources you have in "real time".

Click here for a screenshot     

THEN you can go to the tab "Processes", and see what you can eliminate without compromising the company's stuff, and probably get it to run a lot better. If you click on the column title "Mem Usage" you can sort by lowest or highest and that will enable you to see the program using the most valuable ram. Most anything that does NOT say "System" or "Local Service" can be ended without causing adverse effects.

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Hi Jim,
    My work computer is as follows,

Pentium 4 2.60 GHz
.99 GB of ram
Windows XP
Radio shack PRO-2096

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Give me your
         /computer type (Cpu Speed etc)
         /amount of ram
         /windows version
         /Scanner Model
(OR) If you go to Help About, there is a "System Info" button that
will give  all your computer's stats.

Then, maybe I can give you some suggestions.

Best regards


>Customer_Name: Sean
>City: Albany
>State: NY
>ZipCode: 12204
>Country: USA
>Product_#1: Scancat-Lite Plus
>Dealer: Computer Aided Technologies

>Comments: The program tends to crash at times when loading the scanner.