First Put in the COMBO Public Safety CD. It will "autorun", and there will be a blue background and menu show up:

1 - The TOP or 1st selection is to use the Mr. Scanner Search Program to find frequencies from the Mr. Scanner master database. You do not install this database, but instead use it with Scancat to find frequencies for your area. This FAQ will tell you how to use the Master Database

2 - Pick the 2nd option to Install Scancat

3 - Then Pick the 3rd Option to Install RSD Personal Files

Once you have #2 and #3 options installed, read the Below FAQ on how to access the Master Database, (and) how to use the RSD files.


To use the RSD files installed on your Hard drive (from above), read this.

1 - start up SCL (Scancat-Lite-_Plus)

2 - go to "Program Radio" (main database screen area)

3 - Locate Option on TOP MENU "Freq Searches"

Click this link to see screenshot:

4 - Choose "RSD Lookup"

Click this link to see screenshot:

This is opening screen

Click this link to see screenshot:

Pick your state (I've picked RSDLA for "Louisiana"). And when you click on a state, the COUNTIES will all be displayed on the right sided box.

Click this link to see screenshot:

When you click on any COUNTY, that will IMMEDIATELY fill in the entire set of 10 grids with frequencies. (each time you click it loads "that file"). You can use this file to program the radio, OR, if you want to MERGE two together, then notice THIS option at the top of the RSD pick list menu

CHECKING "2nd database" will load a clicked on file into a SECOND set of 10 grids.

Click this link to see screenshot:

Then Read this FAQ on how to use a "2nd Data base" in SCL to enable you to merge more than one set of grids into a "master grid", so that you can combine several into the ten banks that the radio has.

Once you think this out, you should be able to understand how to use SEVERAL different RSD files to create a "master RSD Personal Database file". Then, once you have That master File created, make sure you SAVE THE FILE, so you can go back and edit or change etc without having to redo all of this from scratch.

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