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I think Hoka is an exclusive with that feature. None of Hoka's competitors have it either. Beyond "that", however the SkySweeper program is really slick, and at $99.95, the price makes it easy to start out with. IF you like the basic, you can upgrade to the next level(s) for only the difference in price from what you've already paid.

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Hi Jim,

Thank you for replying. Does SkySweeper have the autoclassification feature like Code3? Will it tell you what the mode and speed is?



Quoting Jim Springer <scancat@scancat.com>:
> We no longer have the CODE3-Disks. AND - Unless you have Windows 98, it
> won't work anyway.  I don't know "where" the extra disks are,it's been years
> since I even looked. Frankly I'd say it is an excercise in futility.
>           Instead....
> I would highly suggest spending the $100.00 on a new program called
> Skysweeper. Look at our website at this location
>                www.scancat.com/skysweep
> Look at the Skysweep standard. It is windows XP/Vista compatible,
> uses whatever built-in sound card is in your computer. Skysweep does
> not have the "analysis feature" of Code-3. but is a really slick
> program.
>> Hope to hear from you.
>> 73s

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