Hoka discontinued the CODE3-Gold and CODE-3-Gold Professional software several years ago. (About 1998).  So there is no "update" or "upgrade" to a version that will install on any Windows OS later than Windows 98. The Only Program HOKA has now is windows based ( CODE300-32), but it's over $6000.00 and targeted solely at the commercial / government market.

The CODE3-Gold PROF uses copy protection on the floppy, and XP and later windows versions simply will not let it install.

I recently (re)tried the "Gold" standard version (NON Prof), on XP and I could not get it to work - due to the comm port problems, even when going to the DOS/CMD prompt.

So, even if you "did" somehow get it installed, it won't run. Has something to do with the way CODE3 products use the Comm Ports... and there just isn't any "fix".

To sum it up, if you wish to continue using your CODE3-Gold Professional, you will have to use it on a WIndows 98 machine.

(As an alternative solution)
We started selling the SkySweep program about the same time, as we wanted to find something that we could sell, knowing that the "Gold" units were being phased out. It's a really nice program, starts at $99.95 for the "Standard version". and you can upgrade to the next (two) levels, for up to a year, for only the difference in what you've paid so far.

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Hi Jim,

I recently upgraded my dos machine, followed the removal of all the
protections data via retour.bat. Everything went well until I tried to load
my code professional back onto my "new Dos Machine" It transferred the
protected files etc but that's when it stopped. It would not load the actual
program, decompress anything  and that was that. The Dos directory says
C3G-Prof is there but there is nothing in it. Any ideas Jim. This is only
the second machine I moved my program onto.