"Our" Clone files use the extension "DAT".  And normally you'll see them in your "C:\Program Files\Scancat-Lite-Plus" folder. The default name will usually be something like

The CLone file is the entire radio's image, frequencies settings - everything.

Go to the top menu bar, there is a menu choice named "Tools"
        Then use choices:
                Create PRO-97 Clone File (Lets you save & name it)
                        And then
                Restore PRO-97 From Clone file (the one you saved)


Thanks. What is the extension of the Clone file? Is it and .rsd file or .dat file? Or is it a .bak file? Is the mirror image essentially only radio information and not affected by Scanlite? How is the clone file loaded?


As a helpful hint... you CAN create an entire "mirror image" backup of the radio by using the "Create Clone" option on our TOOLS drop down menu. That clone file could then be used to restore the radio in case of a total memory wipe out/radio failure. I think you may have already done this, but thought it worthy of mention.