THIS is a good article on how to fix most "file permissions" problems.


Here is ALSO a good link/place to read about how to fix this.

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While this problem is not common, it does happen. The reason you cannot save a file is the folder is inside the "Program Files" area, (and) "your" windows has assigned this folder (and most anything IN it) as read only. Meaning you don't have permissions to save new files unless the permissions are set for that particular file extension. (.Txt is usually one of them, but RSD is not).

Microsoft, whit each new version of Windows, has continually beefed up their version of "security", and while it may be warranted for Commercial applications, for the average one computer consumer it's a RPITA. 
It's complicated to explain how to change the permissions, and (for now) it's simpler to just go outside the Program Files folder and save the file into a folder in the "root directory". The "Permissions thing" is also why you may have had some other problems.
When you choose to save a "RSD" file, Notice one of the little "Icons" at the tope of the "save" window is "Create Folder". So Choose that, Navigate to the C: drive, Create a folder (Example C:\My Databases) and usually you can save your files there.

FYI - On OUR files menu you may have noticed in the pulldowns "Recently used", and "Last used" RSD files. This will always remember "where" you saved it... so you won't have to look everywhere to find one you used before.

Hi Jim,

I finally got the radio programmed. But, My next question is about saving.  When I try to save the 3 systems I have programmed to a personal rsd file using  FILE/SAVE TO PERSONAL RSD/DOCUMENTS/SCANNER FILES/   FILENAME.RSD.*TXT   it does not do anything when I click ok (to save).  It just sits there with the file window open and I have to x out of it and nothing gets saved.  Not sure if I am missing something here but I would assume it should just save.   Any thoughts on what I am doing wrong.