The older link we had on this disappeared, but I may have found another one - or at least something that will work.


In the above link they reference this file

If this doesn't work let me know, as I have no practical way of testing it unless I had the same "problem".

The "real" reason for this happening is most likely you have downloaded a Trojan which has installed some other program that has infected some files necessary to run the 16-bit installation program. This is what our installation program uses. FYI - This happened to me a few years ago when I downloaded some "free video converter"....

If not, then get back to me with what issues still remain.

Best regards



I need help.  I have just purchased CD version of Skysweep
I have a brand new Dell, running XP2, Svc PK2.

When I close the CD drawer, and it starts the "autorun", I get the following Windows message:
"Can't run 16 Bit Windows Program"
Do you have any fixes, an updated install pgm ??
Please help.