On that call, I suggested you try to save it to a folder OUTSIDE the program files area. (Below you don't say "where" you tried to create a new folder)

 You are "Normally" inside this location
        C:\Program Files\Scancat-Lite-Plus

Something (security setting on your computer) is preventing you from saving files inside the program files area.  This happens occasionally if the "Administrator" privileges, are not set properly.  Be CERTAIN, you are not trying to save to a networked drive. It can ALSO happen if your virus program is too aggressively set.

I would suggest this:

- RIGHT click on START
- Choose "Explore"
- Go to My Computer > Select you main C: drive
- be sure you are viewing the "ROOT" of your C: Drive
- On TOP at FILE, choose "NEW > New FOlder
- you would want to create a Folder in the "Root/C:drive"
   such as C:\MyDatabases

Then go to FILES in SCL
  choose SAVE (etc) and navigate to that new folder

This is just a follow up to a call I made earlier in the week.
I have recently purchased your softwate for my Radioshack Pro-197. I have looked over the demos on the web and it was pretty smooth sailing thru the 2nd video until I tried to save a file under a new name. It simply won't let me do it
I also tried to create a new folder "scanning objects" and could not copy to that folder either.
I am running Windows Vista.
Any suggestions?