If it "was" working and now doesn't, Most likely you have a "cable driver problem".  I'd guess that something has messed up  your driver for the cable, maybe installing something else that also uses a USB port.   Scancat tries to read the radio when you first pull up the "Program Radio" screen. If it cannot, it will usually show "reading errors" at the top, and sometimes it will appear to "hang".

Go to Select Radio And see if the "Autoconfigure" works. If it cannot detect the radio, then look at ways to "fix" the cable. Uninstall the driver and reinstall it. Here is a link to the Uniden Driver we have downloaded from Uniden's site

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Below is the result of your tech support question.  It was submitted by
 (n8pqb@woh.rr.com) on Tuesday, December 21, 2010 at 10:29:04
Customer Name: Tom Johnson
Address-1: 1184 Victory Road
City: Springfield
State: OH
Zip_Code: 45504
Country: USA
Phone1: 937-324-3101
Product_In_Use: Scancat Lite Plus
Radio_In_Use: Uniden BCT-15
Cable In Use: Uniden Factory Cable
Dealer: Private Seller
Comments: Have been using to program the BCT-15. Now Scancat will not read the radio or systems. If I try to "select Radio" to check communications, it does not go to the radio screen, then just hangs up.
Scanner is working properly.
Any Ideas?



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