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To address the issue with "SC throws data around and incomplete in systems"  - I'm not sure you're describing using the databases to program TO the radio, or describing the results when Reading BACK from radio

On the Left side of the "Program Radio Screen" there are three buttons
        1-Systems in Radio
        2-Create (New) System
        3-Delete System

Here is a screen shot, showing the "program radio screen", and the
   buttons on the top left of that screen.
 - Under those three buttons are listed the systems "in" the radio
    These will be displayed any time you press the "Systems in Radio" button
 - The Aqua colored grids contain frequency information for a single "system"
 - The GREEN colored grids contain TalkGroup information for a single "system"
      and also contain settings for "what kind of system" such as trunking.

To See what is IN the radio, use #1 button - it will populate the list below the buttons, and then clicking on any of the listings will show the contents of what is in that system/radio.

If you have frequencies and etc you want to Program TO the radio, then the contents of any "one" of the "Grids" can be sent to the radio by using the #2 button. You can only load one system at a time, so if you have several, you program them "one at a time"

It would first be a good idea to watch the video's we have on our website
  at this link:    www.scancat.com/youtube

Watch Video #3 on how to Program TO the radio

Watch Video # 11 on tips for how to READ FROM the radio

In addition we just created a New Video, #12, on how to use Radio Reference

Please watch the video's "First" to learn how to program your radio's and the we can go from there.

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Below is the result of your tech support question.  It was submitted by
 (luba@fastrack.cc) on Thursday, September 03, 2015 at 22:54:32

Customer Name: John P
Address-1: 2407 E Br Rd
Zip_Code: 29651
Country: USA
Product_In_Use: Scancat Lite Plus
Radio_In_Use: Uniden BCD996P2 & BCD325P2
Cable In Use: USB included w/ radio
Dealer: C.A.T. via Amazon
Invoice No. & Date:
Comments: Windows 7 OS. Connects to both scanners fine. DOES NOT interpret radio DB correctly. SC throws data around and incomplete in systems. Doesn't seem to be able to handle conventional systems! Tries to make 2! TOO MANY issues to describe in 300 characters!

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  - http://www.scancat.com/youtube -

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