Here's a link to download a "copy" of the SD Card's contents that came with our original BCD536HP

Use this link to download a zip file that contains the original BCD536HP

  Here are links at where you can buy the card AND a reader

    This is the "reader" (with no card) ($2.95)
                (It holds a standard SD Card)

    This is a 4gb Micro-SD Card that also includes the SD adapter

As to the file.... Download it, and then Unzip the file contents into a folder on your hard drive
(I would suggest a folder named "BCD536-SDCARD".)

Then copy the entire contents of that folder (Including the folder structure contained in the zip)  onto a fresh,
never used Micro SD CARD, such as the one I've linked above from Newegg.

the Folder Structure on the BCD436/BCD536's card is:
.... [BCDx36HP]
.... [setup]

First, turn off the BCD536HP
- Then - You can pull out the Micro SD card that came in your scanner
and replace it with the newly created Micro SD card.
Once the radio is turned on, it will boot up just like it had never been used.


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