ALl the PREVIOUS Unidens used a USB Cable that had the electronics for the "level convertor" in-line on the cable.

The new 325P2 has the "electronics", but they are now on the board inside the radio. 

Meaning - you have to treat it the "same" as if the cable had the electronics, and unless the proper "Driver" is installed, simply plugging in a USB cable most times will not work

. This is a link to drivers on our Website.

I would recommend that you first UNINSTALL any driver you know is already associated with the scanner (Such as when you plug it into the computer and radio and see "it"), as THAT one is not working.

THEN, install the NEW DRIVER, and things should then start working properly. View our Video tutorial #3, as while it uses the "external cable electronics", they all work pretty much the same.

Let me know if you still have difficulties

Good afternoon,

I'm trying to get scancat lite to communicate with my BCD325P2 but the program keeps telling me that it cannot detect any comm ports on this computer.  All the USB ports function properly with other accessories and I have purchased the  USB cable from bearcat.  Is there a setting I'm missing?  

Please help.  I bought this for my dad a month ago and he hasn't been able to use it yet.  

Thanks for your help,



Jim Springer   <()>